Puppy Salon Dog Daycare Services in Bismark, ND

We'll provide your pet a home away from home!

100% Cage Free Dog Daycare!

At Puppy Salon, we are committed to providing your dog with the same love and freedom they would receive at home. Your dog will have plenty of opportunities to run, play and even make new friends! All dogs in our care are grouped together according to size and personality. With 27+ years of combined experience, our staff has passion and dedication to care for your dog the same way you would. At Puppy Salon in Bismark, ND your dog is more than just a pet - it's part of the family!

What Are The Benefits Of Dog Day Care Services?


Puppy Salon now requires reservations for our Day Care Services. This helps our customers in a couple of ways;

  • You can plan for your week and know that you have care for your furry loved one 
  • It allows us to provide a more controled and safe enviorment
  • It prevents our play areas from getting too crowded 
  • We can make sure each dog is getting the attention and supervision needed

If you need to cancel your reservation, simply give us a call at 701-222-2260.

Socialization Skills:

Dogs need to be around other dogs in order to learn how to act properly. If you can, start the socialization training as soon as possible-he'll become a lot more confident when it comes to interacting with strange dogs. This can be beneficial to young dogs as it will allow them to develop their social skills. Also, since dogs are social animals by nature, they will love having the opportunity to play with other dogs. If your dog is not exposed to other dogs in a natural way (off leash) regularly they can become anti-social, which presents as dog reactivity, anxiety and aggression toward other dogs.


Most Dog Daycare centers have activities scheduled throughout the day that will help keep your dog stimulated. Activities may include ball-fetching, chasing games, wrestling and tunnel running. You know what your dog is like when you come home from work-he just can't wait to play with you... and that may not be the first thing on your mind. But exercise is critical for a healthy and happy dog, and he'll get it at dog day care. Dog daycare will tire your dog out. All that running around and playing is wonderful exercise for your dog. By the time you bring him home, he'll be ready to curl up at your feet and enjoy a relaxing evening watching TV. Walks are nice (and mandatory for a healthy dog) but unless you're going 45+ minutes a clip, you're barely scratching the surface of a high energy dog's exercise needs. Nothing can replicate the energy expenditure of dogs playing together. That constant wresting is the optimal way to provide them the outlet they so desperately need.

Bathroom Breaks:

Occasionally, you're not in a position to rush home from work to let him out. But your dog has been home all day, and he needs to go pee. Our dog daycare services allow regular bathroom breaks so your dog stays comfortable and care free.

A Change Of Scenery:

Even if your dog is fine with being home alone all day, it's a good idea to change up his routine every once in a while. It'll be like a mini vacation for him. He can make new friends. If there's a dog that your pooch likes to be around - like a BFF - it will be a chance to set up a dog playdate outside of daycare. You can meet up on weekends for walks or at the dog park. And it's a wonderful way for you to meet new dog people.

Training: Supplemental Dog Education:

Maybe your pup needs a bit more training. Some Dog Daycare's are able to supplement the training you do at home with additional lessons during the day. Continual reinforcement of behavior training can help your dog retain what they are taught. There are even daycare's that will teach your dog new tricks!

Make Sure Your Dog Is Vaccinated

Proof of vaccinations is required for dog daycare service. No exceptions.
All dogs are required to have up to date vaccinations for the following:

  • Distemper
  • Rabies
  • Bordatella
  • Puppies under 6 months require a negative stool sample

Daycare Price and Package options

Per Day Pricing Options:

  • 1 Dog: $14 per full day, $7 per half day
  • 2 Dogs: $12 per full day, $6 per half day

Unlimited Monthly Packge Options:

  • 1 Dog: $200 per month for 25 days
  • 2 Dogs: $320 per month for 25 days per dog

Please come in and see us to get the forms needed to complete your registration.

Required daycare service forms:

1. Daycare Contract
2. Administering Medication Waiver